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ASM Team

ASM Team

Born in 1997 by the hand of former British Formula Ford and F3 racer Antonio Simoes, ASM Team has been a reference in racecar competition in Portugal and Spain.

It’s a team with its own unique methods whose main aim is in the  preparation and promotion of car racing, in a world where the smallest detail can make all the difference.


ASM Team is determined to reach the highest level of quality and professionalism. By employing the best professionals and constantly investing in the highest technology, the ASM Team can aid its drivers in getting the best results.


Professionalism and rigor are the main keys to the ASM Team project.

Dedication and passion are the difference between winning and losing, being a champion or the best amongst the last.

Amongst its staff ASM Team has professionals with vast experience in the different areas of this sport (competition, management and promotion), also has renowned national and international engineers as well as mechanics with enviable experience.

ASM Team maintains a loyal partnership with the drivers and companies that help support the project. Together they work to better ASM Team’s investment and obtain a positive return for both parties. Both on and off the track, ASM’Team’s aim is to succeed.

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