Miguel Pais do Amaral and the Quifel ASM Team win with a brilliant show at Spa Francorpchamps

A perfect performance made Miguel Pais do Amaral and Olivier Pla to drive the Quifel ASM Team’s Zytek 09S to victory at the SPA Francorchamps 1,000km, the second race in the Le Mans Series 2010 Championship, which was held today at the famous Belgian track.

The Portuguese team led the race in the LMP2 class practically from beginning to end as it only gave up its top spot at the first pit stops. It managed what was a very eventful race very well given that there were even power cuts due to the bad weather in the region around the track.

“The drivers were superb, with Olivier imposing his renowned class and Miguel Pais do Amaral greatly outdoing all of the ‘gentleman drivers’ on the track,” noted Antonio Simões, Director of the Quifel ASM team, who was naturally happy with the win, which once again opens up the possibility of the team re-gaining the title it won in 2009 — following the bad luck that led to them dropping out of the inaugural race at Paul Ricard.

“We knew we needed a perfect strategy and I think we got very close to that in choosing our moments to take pit stops and our choices of tyre changes whenever the rain dictated it,” said Mauricio Pinheiro, team manager of the Quifel ASM Team, who made a point of noting Miguel Pais do Amaral’s performance: “He raced under extremely difficult track conditions, saw a lot of drivers crash out around him, but kept incredible concentration and driving skills,” he explained.

Miguel Pais do Amaral was a clearly happy driver at the end of the SPA “battle”: “We had the little bit of luck that was missing at Paul Ricard and, above all, we boosted the confidence of the whole team for the Le Mans 24 Hours, where we hope to do a good job,” he concluded.