1966 PORSCHE 911 2.0 SWB

Overview Info

  • Year
  • Type 
  • Road registration
  • Engine type
    Flat Six
  • Cylinder capacity
    1991 cc
  • Horsepower
  • Chassis frame no.
  • Engine nº
    909 468
  • Weight
  • Color

FIA Papers

  • Period F 1962 to 1965
  • Fia class GT11
  • FIA HTP form nº 183
  • FIA vehicle identity nº 304 132
  • Crack tests certificates
  • Fuel tank and fire extinguisher certificates


This car has been built with the underside finish as good as the top side. Supplied new in 1966 this car was finished new in special paint code 6412 – Bali Blue. The car retains many of its original special features, which are unique to very early 911 examples, such as the Green backed instrument dials, 4-screw front horn grilles, etc…and retains all original wings and panels.

In recent years this car has been converted to F.I.A. competition specification and has been a regular entrant at many historic races, including Gentleman Drivers series and many more. – Preparation work has been carried out by ASM Team and 1965 2.0 911 race specialist – Duel Motorsport. The car has been substantially lightened and is fitted with a full roll-cage, race seat and harness. It is also fitted with a quick-fill 100 litre fuel tank, Solex carburetors, plumbed in fire extinguisher system, shorter gearbox ratios, front oil-cooler, 5.5” Fuchs and Dunlop Racing tyres, rain light etc…

In the late 1950s, Porsche began working on what would be an entirely new model to replace the 356. The result was the creation of what has become one of the longest-running and most successful sports-car models in modern automotive history – the Porsche 911. Whilst the DNA of the original design can still be recognized in today’s 911 models, these very rare, early 1965, 2.0 short-wheelbase cars remain the purest of all 911s in both design and performance. In recent years they have also become highly sought after, not only by collectors but also by those wishing to drive them in historic events and F.I.A. competition, for which they are eminently competitive and eligible within F.I.A. (Pre 1965) – Period F.

Price on Application

Technical Informations


  • Full race Duel Motorsport engine build according to FIA App. K specifications
  • Mahle 906 piston/cylinders
  • 906 conrod bearings
  • Large oil pump
  • Special treated conrods
  • Duel motorsport Camshafts
  • Duel motorsport exhaust system
  • Duel motorsport modified Solex Carburettors
  • Sachs Racing clutch
  • Heavy-duty engine/gearbox mounting
  • The engine ran on static dyno and produced peak numbers of 200 bhp at 8,000 rpm. 
  • Power test graphics available


Front suspension

  • Duel motorsport wishbone bushes
  • Heavy-duty antiroll bar and levers.
  • Duel Motorsport torsion bars
  • Anti bump steer spacers

Rear suspension

  • Duel modified trailing arms
  • Duel Motorsport trailing arm bearings
  • Anti roll bar
  • Duel motorsport torsion bars


  • Duel Motorsport balance bar
  • Large brake callipers and brake pads according to FIA App. K
  • AP Master cylinders


VA Engineering roll cage build according to FIA App. K

Other Data

  • Stack rev.counter incl memory for highest rev
  • Schroth HANS system quick adjustable harnesses
  • Full fire Extinguishing system
  • Large display lap timer
  • Heated windscreen
  • Fully adjustable Duel Motorsport shock absorber set
  • 100L ATL fuel cell approved until 2018
  • Large Duel Motorsport oil tank
  • Racetech seat adjustable for HANS system
  • 5.5” original Porsche Fuchs rims.
  • Cell race battery
  • Lexan window’s with air ducts for (optional) gearbox cooling